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Khan Academy - Probability 1-41

LeBron asks about free throws versus three pointers
LeBron asks about free throws versus three pointersLeBron James asks Sal Khan whether it is easier to make three free throws or one three pointerMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:17954…
- 21 May 12, 7:25pm -
LeBron asks about the chances of making 10 free throws
LeBron asks about the chances of making 10 free throwsLeBron James asks Sal how to determine the probability of making 10 free throws in a rowMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:305922…
- 30 Apr 12, 3:07pm -
Mega Millions Jackpot Probability
Mega Millions Jackpot ProbabilityProbability of winning the Mega Millions jackpotMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:169354 991ratingsTime:05:30More inEducation
- 28 Mar 12, 10:30pm -
Frequency Stability
Frequency StabilityCan humans generate truly random sequencesMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:212971 1000ratingsTime:02:09More inEducation
- 2 Feb 12, 9:56pm -
Generalizing with Binomial Coefficients (bit advanced)
Generalizing with Binomial Coefficients (bit advanced)Conceptual understanding of where the formula for binomial coefficients come fromMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:107236 152…
- 10 Aug 11, 4:32pm -
Getting Exactly Two Heads (Combinatorics)
Getting Exactly Two Heads (Combinatorics)A different way to think about the probability of getting 2 heads in 4 flipsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:134902 191ratingsTime:10:…
- 10 Aug 11, 4:13pm -
Exactly Three Heads in Five Flips
Exactly Three Heads in Five FlipsProbability of exactly 3 heads in 5 flips using combinationsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:115617 168ratingsTime:06:52More inEducation
- 10 Aug 11, 4:13pm -
Frequency Probability and Unfair Coins
Frequency Probability and Unfair CoinsA different way of thinking about probability when we don't have equally likely eventsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:132624 158ratingsTi…
- 9 Aug 11, 6:30pm -
Getting At Least One Heads
Getting At Least One HeadsProbability of getting at least one heads in multiple flips of a fair coinMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:191588 268ratingsTime:09:20More inEducat…
- 9 Aug 11, 5:22pm -
Compound Probability of Independent Events
Compound Probability of Independent EventsProbability of particular sequences of flipsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:320177 320ratingsTime:06:00More inEducation
- 9 Aug 11, 5:08pm -
Addition Rule for Probability
Addition Rule for ProbabilityVenn diagrams and the addition rule for probabilityMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:327694 603ratingsTime:10:43More inEducation
- 5 Aug 11, 3:47pm -
Probability with Playing Cards and Venn Diagrams
Probability with Playing Cards and Venn DiagramsProbability of compound events. The Addition Rule. Common Core Standard 457 S-CP.7More free lessons at: AcademyViews:372148 605ra…
- 3 Aug 11, 8:33pm -
Basic Probability
Basic ProbabilityAn introduction to probabilityMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:1129673 1657ratingsTime:08:18More inEducation
- 3 Aug 11, 3:28pm -
Probability 1 Module Examples
Probability 1 Module ExamplesBasic probability examples (the type seen in the probability 1 module)More free lessons at: AcademyViews:279327 330ratingsTime:09:56More inEducati…
- 23 May 11, 3:31pm -
Dependent Probability Example 2
Dependent Probability Example 2Another example of dependent probabilityMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:89701 93ratingsTime:06:34More inEducation
- 23 May 11, 3:29pm -
Dependent Probability Example 1
Dependent Probability Example 1Example of the type of problem in the Khan Academy Dependent Probability moduleMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:145163 180ratingsTime:09:01More…
- 23 May 11, 3:00pm -
Term Life Insurance and Death Probability
Term Life Insurance and Death ProbabilityUnderstanding an insurance company's sense of my chances of dying.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:81179 85ratingsTime:04:22More inE…
- 18 Apr 11, 4:25pm -
Law of Large Numbers
Law of Large NumbersIntroduction to the law of large numbersMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:187703 338ratingsTime:09:00More inEducation
- 5 Mar 09, 5:10pm -
Poisson Process 2
Poisson Process 2More of the derivation of the Poisson Distribution.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:164761 363ratingsTime:12:42More inEducation
- 2 Mar 09, 1:30am -
Poisson Process 1
Poisson Process 1Introduction to Poisson Processes and the Poisson Distribution.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:311075 447ratingsTime:11:01More inEducation
- 2 Mar 09, 1:30am -
Expected Value of Binomial Distribution
Expected Value of Binomial DistributionExpected value of a binomial distributed random variableMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:211727 316ratingsTime:16:56More inEducation
- 27 Feb 09, 5:11am -
Expected Value: E(X)
Expected Value: E(X)Expected value of a random variableFrom:Khan AcademyViews:405280 714ratingsTime:14:53More inEducation
- 24 Feb 09, 8:34pm -
Binomial Distribution 4
Binomial Distribution 4Using Excel to visualize the basketball binomial distributionMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:165934 354ratingsTime:10:46More inEducation
- 24 Feb 09, 12:37am -
Binomial Distribution 3
Binomial Distribution 3Basketball binomial distributionMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:217713 383ratingsTime:13:27More inEducation
- 24 Feb 09, 12:37am -
Binomial Distribution 2
Binomial Distribution 2More on the binomial distributionMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:298735 420ratingsTime:11:05More inEducation
- 24 Feb 09, 12:37am -
Binomial Distribution 1
Binomial Distribution 1Introduction to the binomial distributionMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:654946 877ratingsTime:12:16More inEducation
- 23 Feb 09, 8:09pm -
Probability Density Functions
Probability Density FunctionsProbability density functions for continuous random variables.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:664195 1204ratingsTime:10:02More inEducation
- 23 Feb 09, 8:08pm -
Introduction to Random Variables
Introduction to Random VariablesIntroduction to random variables and probability distribution functions.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:428073 1039ratingsTime:12:04More inE…
- 23 Feb 09, 8:07pm -
Birthday Probability Problem
Birthday Probability ProblemThe probability that at least 2 people in a room of 30 share the same birthday.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:173912 391ratingsTime:13:17More in…
- 26 Jan 09, 6:43am -
Conditional Probability and Combinations
Conditional Probability and CombinationsProbability that I picked a fair coin given that I flipped 4 out of 6 heads.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:256368 381ratingsTime:16:5…
- 12 May 08, 5:20am -
Probability and Combinations (part 2)
Probability and Combinations (part 2)Making at least 3 out of 5 free throws.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:139567 189ratingsTime:10:36More inEducation
- 12 May 08, 4:28am -
Probability using Combinations
Probability using CombinationsProbability of getting exactly 3 heads in 8 flips of a fair coin.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:202133 250ratingsTime:09:10More inEducation
- 11 May 08, 12:39am -
CombinationsIntroduction to combinationsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:447565 655ratingsTime:10:16More inEducation
- 7 May 08, 1:40am -
PermutationsIntroduction to permutationsMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:576055 857ratingsTime:10:11More inEducation
- 7 May 08, 1:17am -
Probability (part 8)
Probability (part 8)Introduction to Bayes' TheoremMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:152469 236ratingsTime:05:23More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 11:21pm -
Probability (part 7)
Probability (part 7)More on conditional probability. Touch on Bayes' Theorem.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:178142 304ratingsTime:10:05More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 11:21pm -
Probability (part 6)
Probability (part 6)Introduction to conditional probabilityMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:188009 335ratingsTime:09:16More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 11:21pm -
Probability (part 5)
Probability (part 5)Probability of getting a certain number roll in MonopolyMore free lessons at: AcademyViews:151971 281ratingsTime:10:08More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 11:21pm -
Probability (part 4)
Probability (part 4)More on free throws.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:182420 332ratingsTime:10:00More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 11:21pm -
Probability (part 3)
Probability (part 3)More on probability.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:248779 494ratingsTime:10:06More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 7:36pm -
Probability (part 2)
Probability (part 2)Let's flip a coin.More free lessons at: AcademyViews:364454 722ratingsTime:09:54More inEducation
- 3 May 08, 7:36pm -